Sunday, January 12, 2014

Campaign Tools - Help Yourself

Here are some useful campaign tools - help yourself
Ned Barnett

More will be added over time, so be sure to check back for updates.

Campaign Event Scheduling Questionnaire

Event Name:  ________________________




Travel Directions and Details
Street Directions:

Inside Building Directions: 

Event Host Contact Phone Number:
Type of Event

Number of People Expected

Types of People Expected

Candidate’s Role
Length of Address?



Other Dignitaries or Candidates?

Donors Present?

Press Present?

Which Press – Print, Radio, TV?

Press Notified by Campaign?

Press Theme of the Day

Date invitation received

Who sent us the invitation?

Confirmation Letter Sent?

Who is the Event Host?

Follow-up Letter Sent?
Other Significant Factors

Signed/Approved ________________________________   Date approved ______________


Model Release For TV Taping
Campaign Name

I, ______________________________, am 18 years or older, (or, I am the legal guardian of someone under 18 years of age) and I give my permission to (campaign committee name) to use motion picture imagery of me (or the named minor) and sound recording of my (named minor’s) voice in preparation of a commercial. 

I understand and agree that no compensation of  any sort is offered at this time, nor will it be in the future.

Name:                                 ____________________________________________

Address:                            ____________________________________________


Date:                                   ____________________________________________

Shoot Location:               ____________________________________________

Signed:                               ____________________________________________

Witnessed:                       ____________________________________________

Instructions:  Have this form filled out and witnessed, and file with the campaign manager.  If the person signing the release wants a copy, make a copy or fill out a duplicate form.  In the case of a minor, provide a duplicate copy for the parent or adult guardian.  


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